Art n’Cakes

Back in 2012, Amruta went to the USA with her husband on a dependent visa. After staying there for some time as a housewife, Amruta yearned to get out of her monotonous, unexciting routine. She decided to make good use of her OTG to bake cakes not just as a hobby, but also to prepare healthy home made cookies for her daughter.


The first cake she baked, was no less than a rock. Amruta remembers that even the dog in the neighborhood sniffed and went away from that cake. It is then that Amruta took baking as a challenge. She made up her mind to master this art. She never felt the need to take any baking classes but instead used YouTube and internet as her guide. Through her experiments she explored a plethora of cakes, cupcakes and breads.

Amruta loves to host parties. Whenever her friends came over she would serve them some of her cupcakes. Her friends not only savored these but also encouraged her to go for baking professionally. That’s where she began her five year old journey.

Even after returning to India, Amruta continued pursuing her passion for baking.  She has now mastered the art of baking and also creatively decorating the cake. Her specialty are the floral designs. She tries to add a unique element to everything she bakes. Just have a look at the beautifully done Mango slices in her cake.IMG-20170520-WA0008

Her kids, Aashita and Arjun, totally love the cupcakes she bakes. They are proud of her mom and often bring their friends home for a cupcake party. Being a paranoid mother that she is, she improvised her cakes to be made with wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour as she wanted her kids to eat healthy. Amruta always maintains high quality standards and she has noticed that the customers come back to her for the taste and the good quality.

Amruta even put a kiosk in a mall in Pune for couple of months as a promotional event. At one such kiosk a kid was pleading his father to let him have one of Amruta’s cupcake. Realizing the father’s paranoia about hygiene she let her kids have the cake front of him. The person realized that she sells those things which she would let her kids eat. Once satisfied with the hygiene, he bought his kids some cupcakes. The amazing part was that once he himself tasted the cupcakes, he took four more to eat there and another four as takeaways. Such incidents makes her feel content with what she is doing.


Marketing was never a challenge for Amruta, she laughed and told that being a Marvadi kid selling items in a local merchant shop during her childhood she is a pro in marketing. However, she feels that manpower for delivering cakes is a bit overpriced and customers don’t agree to pay extra for delivery easily.

Amidst all this, Amruta is not settling for what she has. She is aspiring for more. Amruta is working on launching something unique in the Indian market, which it has not yet seen. She also wishes to open a school of baking. As time passed by Amruta also started a page on Facebook- Art n’ Cakes. She dreams of making this as a brand.

Amruta has recently joined a corporate firm, to get out of her comfort zone and to increase her social network. She works as an auditor in the morning from 4-12 am, spends time with kids in the evening and somehow still manages to professionally bake and deliver cakes. She says it’s her passion for baking that drives her and also the unconditional support from her husband and mother in law. Despite being occupied the whole day, Amruta makes a point to take out at least half an hour out for herself. She even shared a secret for a healthy skin – to religiously apply a cream on face before going to bed.

Amruta shared a simple yet powerful message for all, never give up and follow your gut feelings. One motto which Amruta live by “When nothing’s in your control trust Kanha (Lord Krishna), kuch na kuch to ho jaega (something or the other will happen) ”