1LIQYD is an online canned water supply service. Living by the adage – Necessity is the mother of all inventions, LIQYD came into existence while the founders were struggling for drinking water. They waited for more than eight hours in a hot Pune summer for water. The group of four -Deepak, Ritika, Anup and Harshit gave it a serious thought and studied the unorganized canned water supply in their area. Deepak is acting as a mentor to this team. Hereafter, they began their journey to simplify and streamline the process of supplying water cans in residential societies, corporate and schools.

Their USP is providing high quality drinking water within 2 hours of placing an order. LIQYD is inching its way towards establishing a very strong network of delivery in the whole of Pune; so that they can supply water to their customers in time.5121

No less important is maintaining the water quality. They or their managers themselves audit each water packaging plant. All their cans are adequately ISI approved. Throughout the entire process it is ensured that the bottles are properly capped and are supplemented with adequate stickers and expiry dates.

Starting with humble beginnings in September 2016, the team has worked hard to develop a strong logistics and delivery system in Pune. Deepak and Anup, both having prior experience in software engineering, handle the online portal. Ritika looks into the in house operational side of the business while Harshit leads the operations and logistics department. The team has expanded over time to include more managers, marketing interns and franchisers.

Setting up their own distribution network in different localities was a tough task given that the local distributors had a monopoly. But LIQYD, managed to break this wall. Further, delivery of cans often pops up as big hurdle due to vehicle breakdown or dearth of delivery boys.

One of their wow moments is their recent collaboration with a famous health drinks’ brand. Further, LIQYD has tied up with Nestaway (house or PG renting platform). The team aims to expand in various dimensions – geography, customer segments, product portfolio and investments.

When talking about their best moment, which is still fresh in their memories, they shared that they had received their first order at 11:00 pm in the night. As all the delivery boys were away by that time Deepak and Harshit themselves hurried to deliver the can. The customer was pleasantly surprised and thought that LIQYD delivers water cans within 5 minutes!

The team of cuatro has a strong message for all those who want to be an entrepreneur, “Do not get demotivated and put your consistent efforts.” Also, Deepak advised to invest wisely.



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